Once you Log In to your DFA Kali Teachable account, you should see a page similar to this.

You can click on the Course picture OR

if you see this page, Click on ‘Admin’ and it will take you to your ‘Dashboard’
Then you will see this screen that will give you all of your Sales information.

Can I check the link to make sure that it’s working?

Yes, anytime that you post and you want to send them to our site to purchase a product you MUST use your link.
ex:  https://david-seiwert.teachable.com/?affcode=150319_xxxxxxxx

You can try it yourself by ‘clicking on your link’.  It should take you to a page like this (below) and if you look at the url in the address bar (you may have to click it one time to get it to show up) you will see YOUR code.  This is how the transaction is credited to you.  It’s confusing, I know, but hang in there.  The more you use it the more it will make sense.

If you try testing (clicking) the link and it takes you to Your Courses it means that you are logged into your DFA Kali Teachable at the time that you are trying the link.
You MUST be logged out first, then try it.  If you are logged in and you try the link it will go to your courses (for you only), Don’t worry this link will NOT give others access to your account.

Log out and then try the link again then you will see what a potential customer sees (picture below).
Again like I said before, this stuff can be confusing in the beginning.

This is what your customers will see.

Making Sure You Get Paid!

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