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  1. Becky Welzel Reply

    I love the new site! It is very eye-catching and informative. It is easy to maneuver around. I especially love the pictures of your travels!

    • David Reply

      It’s been a lot of hard work and long hours but definitely worth it. Now we need to upgrade the DFA Media site as well as continue editing more videos. We will also start on a new book by the end of the year.

  2. Bob Guy Reply

    Where is the Knife fighting info? I’m ready to order if I can find it.
    Regards; Bob

  3. Michael Reply

    Hi Guro Dave:

    This is Michael in Canada saying hello. I really love and cherish my autographed book from you. KunTao is something I still have not practiced and feel as though I need that book, too! 🙂

    I have trained the Karambit videos with a very talented martial artist training buddy/friend and we venture into a lot of different and new ground in the end after diligently going through the material, which is all great..a must. My Guru is my Filipino G.P. Doctor, who I have studied Arnis/Kali with for 14 years now. Your training compliments his ways very much and through this, I discover more and more about myself. What a great experience. I look forward to more of your insights and learning from you.

  4. James L Clifton Reply

    I’m one of Bram Frank’s guys & became interested in the Karambit from corresponding with my friend Guru Jeff Chung in N.Y. Bought your Karambit book & tape one to see what you had to teach. P/u 2 karambits along the way,a KEEN EDGE (small blade Karambit & a Shiva Ki (small blade karambit).The small blades are easier to conceal in Miami.Noticed you like & use the double edge…will have to get one.Wish you had the tapes showing Karambit being used LH!I’m a lefty,learning to go RH.I teach Bram’s Gunting RH ,so will have to adapt.Your book is the “BEST”on the Karambit out there!!
    Thanks for your time,

    • David Reply

      Thanks Jim I really appreciate it.
      I like the double edged blade but they are hard to get here in the states. Most people that I know ‘modify’ the single edged karambits. I try to show single edge techniques but sometimes I forget. 🙂

      Yes, the world is not made for lefties and a lot of adaptation is required. We have a few left-handed students here but most want to learn to use it right-handed ion order to combat a RH attacker.
      Guro David

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