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Help me choose a cover for the new Knife book.  One person will be randomly chosen to receive a free signed copy when it is published in about 2 weeks. (sorry USA only)

The photos shown are just quick shots to get an idea of what pose/technique looks good. The final cover will be a closer shot and the background will be stripped out and replaced with black with red text like the Karambit cover.

CoverTestPics2  Me_wBooks2a

51 comments on “cover contest”

  1. Jay Reply

    B looks good, something you do not see. Looks like you can snap his wrist. And if you had a karambit fight would have been way over. Cut the wrist and tendons, hand will no longer have any use.

  2. Larry Carter Reply

    I like photo B the best for the book cover, especially since the technique seems to be the primary focus of attention rather than the participants in the photo. I would zoom in on the technique more to make the cover consistent with the karambit book cover.

    • David Reply

      Thanks Larry, yes it will be zoomed in closer with a layout similar to the Karambit book. These are just quicks shots to get some ideas.

  3. David K Reply

    Both A and B look best.

    Depending on how you edit / crop the final shot will have a lot to do with it.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes!

  4. Jeff Reply


    I like “B” a bit more than “A”. I think that both the attacker and defender are poised best for the angles that would work best for a cover.

    Just my two cents!

    Looking forward to your new book!


  5. Brad Reply

    I like B the best out of what is shown….but think a feedback of the knife back into the attacker would be even better than a disarm. Also suggest the attacker looking more dynamic….meaning…in photo D…attacker’s feet are squared up like he is merely extending his arm and not really “attacking”. In photo C looks like the attacker can regroup and still be a threat. A and B the best….but prefer the angle in B. You on left (your right side showing) feeding the knife back into attacker’s mid-section….attacking him with his own weapon sends an even stronger message. Attacker shown on right (his left side showing on book cover) with his knife hand being controlled as knife re-directed into his mid-section.

    • David Reply

      Thanks Brad, all of the concerns that you bring up will be addressed in the final shots. These were just quick shots to take a look at positioning.

  6. Dave Reply

    I like D best but would go with B rather than A. So since B seems to have more votes B would be my choice.

    • David Reply

      Thanks Dave, it’s pretty much a tie at this point so I think that I’ll do mock ups of both covers to see how they look.

  7. C Reply

    I like photo B because the blade looks great in front of the black uniform. Pulls your eyes to the center of the picture. Great shot.

  8. Josh Reply

    I would vote D. From a design standpoint it seems more attractive to me. I think it is also more engaging.

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