How to train and test for your certification.

Certificate with your name
Certificate with your name

Filipino Kali, & S.E. Asian martial arts are very rare arts, so many people who wish to learn it cannot find schools in their cities that are able to teach the techniques. Others may want to learn but cannot commit to regimented time periods each week.  There are 6 certifications offered at this time, DFA Filipino Kali, Single Stick, Double Stick, Panantukan, Karambit and Knife (straight blade)

Personal instruction is the best way to train, but our methods and instructional videos allow students not living near one of our schools to progress from beginner to Instructor (black sash) at their own pace. Sifu/Guro David clearly and concisely explains the proper warm-ups, techniques, forms, and theory.

Each Course level of mastery is demonstrated in easy to digest lessons by Guro David and his students. We recommend that you take this course with a friend if possible (but not necessary). It helps to have a workout buddy to practice techniques on, spar with, and share ideas. It’s also more economical because you can share the cost of the video courses.


 DFA Kali students will only be tested at Basic Instructor level and above, but they should stay in touch by sending periodic videos, (To make sure that they are making sufficient progress). You decide when you are ready for Instructor level testing.

The Black Belt test SHOULD be done in person (USA students only), either by coming here or bringing Guro David to you. You can host a seminar (this will hold down costs for you) if you like.

But we also realize that this is not always possible so Video Testing is available.

For the Certification tests the students must record themselves performing the requirements for each level, (you can contact us for the requirements) and put the videos on You Tube or Gmail (google drive) for Guro David to review, he will then grade the students’ performance, assess their skills, and provide feedback. Students that successfully complete those levels of training receive a certificate, which states their current ranked status.  The cost for this is only $30 for Black Belt certification where you will be awarded a Certificate (with your photo), Black Belt and your name and photo will be added to the Instructors page on our website.

Individual Certifications for Knife & Karambit can be found here!

Sifu/Guro David is available by email and/or Facebook Group or messenger to answer any questions or to further explain techniques.

$30.00 USA

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8 months ago

Hello. is this $50 per online certification for each level? Or do we upload the videos for free to be reviewed and then the $50 is just for the blackbelt?

Jeramiah Giehl
Jeramiah Giehl
3 years ago

I ordered the Level 1 material and have been training it for a while.

I would like to test Level 1.

Can your send me the level 1 testing curriculum? And what you want so I can test.

Thank you.

4 years ago

Hi, I was wondering the Phase 2 test requirements and how to pay for the test and what media to use in order demo.

Ebrihim Raheem
Ebrihim Raheem
4 years ago

Kamusta, Guro David!
My name is Ebrihim Raheem. And I just wanted to say, Magaling!!!!
Your teaching approach is fantastic!! It would have been nice to have met you when I started over 45 years ago. I would have started my Kali and Silat journey with a different understanding.
I have purchased all 4 of the Karambit videos, and plan to acquire Phase 1 & 2. Plus Kun Tao also.
To add to my library.

Maybe one day we can meet, if my disability allows me to travel. Please keep up the good work!!!

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