How To Learn DFA Fighting Systems

Private Instruction
This personal approach is the preferred method of study. The training outline is taught as fast as you can process the information. DFA Kali is an educated fighter’s territory; the more informed you are, the better your chances will be. Your own personal weapons trainer and hands-on practice partner teach you Empty Hand, Ground fighting, Sticks, Knives and Gun defense/retention. You will be learning the training methodologies, and feeder skills of this energy based art from one of the world’s finest instructors.

You can schedule to spend a few days training with Guro David personally.  Cost is an affordable $80 per day for 5 hrs of training each day.  For multiple students it is only $60 per day (each).  Click Here to read a personal testimonial

Host a Seminar
Hosting a seminar is easy because they can be arranged with just a handful of participants. Seminars can be held in garages, basements, backyards, campgrounds, parks, and MA schools – anywhere available. You can also videotape the seminar for your own reference. Driving to another state to train with a few guys in a garage for a day or two is not unusual, and when necessary, plane fares are quite inexpensive these days. We are not out to make a fortune but simply to train sincere, dedicated people. There are times that we just get enough to cover travel costs and that is fine, no additional fee is needed. If you have a group of about 5 or more….what’s holding you back?

How would it work? You get your group together and decide on a fee (make it affordable say, $25-30 a day) and we will come to teach your group and split the amount taken in with you, so you not only get free training, but also some extra income.

Distance Training (Online Course)
Regardless of where you live, through Online Courses, and Downloads these classes are now available. The video classes are interactive and will be available to anyone wishing to learn DFA Fighting Systems and becoming an instructor in our system.

Attend Seminars
Seminars and camps are now hosted all year long throughout the US by martial arts schools and private groups. We will also be hosting Seminars every year. This is another way to gain DFA Kali fighting skills and knowledge.

Attend a Weekly Class
There are several class locations available, check our affiliates page. The classes are for students of every level. Only persons with sincerity, dedication, and honest intention need apply.

Start Your Own Training Group
All you need is five or six persons who want to learn DFA Kali with you and we’ll show you the rest! You decide how often Guro David will come to your location, you get your training, you videotape the session and then you teach the follow-up. While martial arts schools commonly opt for this method, a training group can be formed and hosted by anyone with no experience at all. (see ‘Hosting a Seminar’ to see how this would work)

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