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You’ve always loved martial arts but never had the time, money or opportunity.
Life can get in the way and many times our dreams are the first thing to get pushed aside. Now you can pursue those dreams on your own time and at your own pace and become a 1st generation instructor in DFA Kali.

You want to set yourself apart from the crowd.
It’s not going to be easy, but you can do it. Every journey begins with the first step. People who become successful, do it by starting off doing something small, and then once they achieve that milestone, they then move onto doing something bigger.

You’re already an Instructor and/or School Owner.
You want to learn a new art or add some new and exciting skills to your current curriculum.

You’re here because you want to fulfill your life purpose.
But how do you start?

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Enroll in the DFA Kali Academy and Begin your 18-24 month Journey to Success

It is possible to achieve the success you dream of with the right tools and strategies and to grow your passion into a thriving business!

This is why I created the:

DFA Fighting Systems Mentoring Program

DFA Kali levels 1 - 9

Hundreds and hundreds of lessons designed to expertly guide you through each level. Each level builds on the one before it so that you are ready for each new skill that is presented to you.

This 18 to 24 month (300 hours) long journey teaches you the exact skills and techniques needed to master DFA Kali. Why 18-24 months? It depends on your skill level and the amount of practice that you put in each week. Many of our students are also instructors of other systems and are looking to add something new to the curriculum for their students.

300 hours is about what it takes for someone who is brand new at martial arts to become proficient. This is about 3-4 hours a week. If you already have training then the learning curve may be much less. You train at your own pace and time.

We recommend that you spend 3 months between each level. That way you can really absorb the material, not just memorize or imitate what is on the lessons.

Filipino Kali, & S.E. Asian martial arts are very rare arts, so many people who wish to learn them may not be able to find schools in their cities that are able to teach these arts. Others may want to learn but cannot commit to regimented time periods each week.  If you only need to add a particular skill set then there are 5 certifications being offered at this time, DFA Filipino Kali, Single Stick, Double Stick, Karambit and Knife (straight blade).

Of course personal instruction is the best way to train, but we realize that not everyone lives in a big city or has access to FMA (Filipino Martial Arts). Our methods and instructional videos allow students not living near one of our schools to progress from beginner to instructor (black sash) at their own pace. Guro David clearly and concisely explains the proper warm-ups, techniques, forms, and theory.

Start right HERE.
Enroll in the DFA Kali Academy and Begin your 18-24 month Journey to Success

How does it work?

Simply sign up for our DFA Kali Online Course and start training.

From here you will be able to train with Guro Seiwert and his students from the comfort of your own home with your computer, phone or tablet. You can play, pause or rewind a lesson and review it at your own pace and on your own time.

With the DFA Kali online training program you will be able to learn one of the most effective fighting arts on the planet through detailed video training lessons, and quizzes. If you get stuck or have a question we are just an email or FB message away. You can also join our Facebook Group to share content and ideas with other students.

The videos cover every aspect of DFA Kali in detail, with multiple camera angles and explanations in relation to combat and theory. We love the Filipino Martial Arts and want to make sure that you succeed in your training.

  • There are Six Levels of training to reach Basic Instructor level. Each level builds on the previous level. (Yes, it’s a lot but it’s thorough)
  • After completing the Basic course you will become a 1st Generation Instructor in DFA Kali
  • Even after completing a level and moving on you can still go back to the previous level at anytime to review.
  • Each lesson is available for download so that you will always have it with you no matter where you are. Most other martial arts courses do not allow the material to be downloaded.
  • I have invested thousands of dollars and spent an equal amount of time on my training over the past 50 years in the USA and traveling overseas, but you won’t need to do this. We are making DFA Kali Online training available at a cost that anyone can afford.
  • Once you purchase the course you own it! There are NO monthly subscriptions!
  • If you’re still not convinced you can even try the 1st Level for FREE! That’s 30 video lessons absolutely Free.
  • No testing is needed until Basic Instructor level. There is a certificate of completion at the end of each level. For Instructor level you can find more information here.

We’re here to turn you into the Martial Artist that you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

Lessons Will Cover:

  • Over 300 Detailed Video Lessons
  • Easy to follow progression
  • Empty Hand (Punching and Kicking)
  • Joint Locking
  • Dumog (Filipino Wrestling)
  • Single and Double Stick
  • Dulo Dulo (Palm Stick)
  • Knife
  • Karambit
  • Firearms

My goal is to help you to finally fulfill your dreams of becoming a martial arts instructor, hone your skills and create more impact in the world. You will be able to earn more income for yourself and your family and at the same time help others with your gift.

Twenty years ago I founded Dynamic Fighting Arts and the DFA Fighting Systems, a fresh take on Southeast Asian Martial Arts emphasizing the individual, honoring tradition and taking the best of the arts that I’ve studied over the last 50 yrs and combined them into one cohesive fighting system. Teaching students since 1988, and other teachers/instructors since 2005.

In 1998 we started producing VHS video training for those with no access to an instructor. Later we moved into DVD’s, Video Downloads and finally Online Training.

I have taught seminars worldwide and continue to train in SE Asia when time allows. I also have written three books, KunTao-The Esoteric art of SE Asia”, “Secrets of the Karambit” and “Secrets of the Knife”, all available on Amazon. Watch for our newest book DFA Kali – Fighting Concepts coming in late 2021

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Start right HERE.

Enroll in the DFA Kali Academy and Begin your 18-24 month Journey to Success

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