Rapido Realismo

Want an FMA style that is Fast and Street Effective?

Rapido Realismo Kali specializes in aggressive encounters where conventional self defense systems may not work.  Urban predators “hunt” in packs, and RRK practitioners are trained with this in mind.  You must dispose of the opponent in front of you as fast as you can using the deadliest techniques that expend the least amount of energy, because ten more of his friends are probably waiting in ambush.  If you are looking for fancy techniques, you may want to look elsewhere. You will not find them in Rapido Realismo Kali.

Punong Guro Henry Espera ( Grandmaster and Founder) of Rapido Realismo Kali International was born in Barcelona, Sorsogon, Philippines on the island of Luzon in 1953. He is the fourth of thirteen children.

When Grandmaster Henry Espera was young he trained in the arts of Kali Ilustrisimo, Moro Moro Orabes Heneral Eskrima and Automatic Arnis.

Integrating Kali empty hand movements, Boxing (Panantukan/Suntukan), Trapping (Tapik-Patibungan), Kicking (Sipaan), Grappling and Wrestling (Buno/Dumog) with his own style of tactical footwork, he developed Rapido Realismo Kali International. .

The art emphasizes the use of small moves made powerful by footwork, body position, and timing.

Click the picture to see GM Espera in action

Punong Guro Espera espouses the mantra that repetition in your training is key and that students should practice techniques hundreds or even thousands of time. “Muscle memory is crucial,” he says.

The Rapido Realismo Kali System is a highly effective close-quarters combat art that develops both the mind and the body. Aside from self defense techniques, the RRK practitioner is also taught to develop a combative mindset, which is to always expect that the assailant is armed, is willing to take your life and is not alone.

Rapido Realismo Kali training includes:

Empty hand arts of:

Panatukan/Santukan/Sabakan – dirty boxingSipaan/Sikaran – kicking artsBuno/Dumog – grappling, throws, takedowns, off-balancing

Edged and impact weapons:

Single stick, double stick, sword, sword & dagger, single and double daggerFlexible weapons – sash, handkerchief and whipImprovised weapons such as ballpoint pens and umbrellas.

Punong Guro Espera believes that students should show humility by being careful with your words and not say anything that would provoke others.

They should strive to be a good person. Having martial arts skills is dangerous if you don’t have character.

And finally to teach young people to love the country and its national sport of Arnis.  If you see an interested young person, teach him well.

Click the photo below for a short video clip of GM Henry Espera

GM Henry Espero

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