History & Background

 BackCover2aDavid Seiwert has been involved in the martial arts as both a student and instructor for the past 50 years. He began training as a teenager and has studied arts such as Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Northern & Southern Shaolin, Tai Chi, Kuntao, Silat and various systems of Filipino Kali.

Since 2005 Guro Seiwert has been furthering his training by studying in Thailand (Muay Thai, Muay Boron) and the Philippines delving more into the Filipino martial arts of Kali, Escrima, Arnis & Kuntaw

He has also produced numerous Books and Instructional videos on the subject.

At Dynamic Fighting Arts we teach an eclectic blend of martial arts we call DFA Kali, which is a martial art used for street defense, not tournament competition. It is a blend of Kali-Escrima, SE Asian Kuntao, Silat & Muay Thai.

Our classes will give you:

  • The self-esteem to believe “that you can do what you put your mind to.”
  • The self-assurance and personal confidence.
  • The poise and mental toughness to stand up to the bully without violence.
  • The ability and know-how to set and achieve powerful goals.
  • Improved physical fitness, flexibility and mental focus.
  • The ability to be more responsible for your actions and not always blame others for your mistakes.

Martial arts is not a sport…..it is a life skill. What we teach spills over into all aspects of a person’s life.

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