Many people have been asking me “How can I get certified with the Karambit”

Once you purchase the Karambit Online Course or Digital downloads 1-4 you will need to video yourself executing the following techniques, post them on Youtube (mark it as ‘Unlisted’ so that only you and I can see it) and send me the link along with your $20 fee for certification.

I also recommend purchasing the Karambit Book for a better understanding. I go into much greater detail with the explanations of the drills and techniques in the book.

You can find the DVD’s, Downloads and Book here:
Karambit Online Course
Karambit Downloads
Karambit Book

Karambit Certification

Level 1
1. Angles 1-9
2. Karambit Template, part 1
3. Blocking
4. 3-count Attack Drills

Level 2
1. Template – part 2
2. Defense Against a Jab
3. Dealing with an Obstruction
4. Against the Knife Attack

Level 3
1. Attack Angles 1 & 2 (block on #2)
2. Attack Angle 5
3. Attack Angle 8

Level 4
1. Techniques 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20


Please note: You MUST create a video so that I can verify that you have done the work and can perform the techniques.
NO certificates will be issued until this it completed.


Certified Blade Instructors
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