HeyRosa DeCuerdas Escrima

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Heyrosa De Cuerdas Eskrima

The Liborio G. Heyrosa De Cuerdas Eskrima system is an extremely unorthodox Filipino fighting system that utilizes stick, knife and hand-to-hand fighting methods coming out of Cebu.  It is characterized by its close-quarter combat techniques where students must be able to fight in tight spaces with little to no lighting, using multiple defensive/offensive combinations.

Previously an underground fighting system, this style of FMA has currently come to light in the past few years. This system was developed in the 1960’s by the late Liborio “Tiboring” Heyrosa, a student of Venacio “Anciong” Bacon and Nene “Ingko Nene” Rosales of the famed Balintawak system. The system is now kept alive by his son “Titing” Heyrosa and student Manuel “Owit” Jecong.

The emphasis is on direct and simple fighting techniques. They focus on the simple and less complicated maneuvers both in armed and unarmed offensives.

Techniques and usage of the knife are stressed and are more of a priority than trying to rely on disarms. Sticks and other weapons use close combat techniques regardless of the situation. Speed, timing, flexibility and accuracy  are the key elements in this traditional based combat system.

There are a few other systems that use the name De Cuerdas but the Liborio Heyrosa De Cuerdas is totally unrelated to any of these other De Cuerdas styles. There are many differences between Heyrosa De Cuerdas and  other De Cuerdas styles ranging from the striking patterns, techniques and teaching format.

The art was featured in two FMA documentaries: Eskrimadors and The Bladed Hand.

Click on the picture below to see a short video clip of the art.

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