Sayoc Kali: All Blade, All the Time

Sayoc Kali: All Blade, All the Time

Sayoc Kali is a relatively new art officially coming into existence in the early 1980’s.

The original Sayoc Family system was taught by Baltazar (Bo) Sayoc. He and many of the elders in the family referred to it as “Dugo ng Bansa” or “Blood of the Nation”. This implied that the arts of the Philippines belonged to all the people of the Philippines and was a legacy of those who had shed blood to preserve their culture. Later as they started teaching the public they simply referred to it as Arnis.

Bo’s eldest son Chris Sayoc began teaching the system as well as training in Pekiti Tirsia Kali, another blade oriented art.
During this time Chris started to formalize the style and set up a curriculum for the students to follow.

Included within the curriculum:
Edged weapons
Impact weapons
Scenario training
Non linear striking
Vital Templates
Transition Drills
Teaching methodologies
Projectile usage
Multiple man teamwork
Multiple blade usage
Firearms training (optional)

Sayoc Kali

Tuhon Chris Sayoc

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All Blade, All the Time

As time went on more and more focus was put on knife training. Tuhon Chris created a new and highly evolved knife system that would focus on mastering vital targets of the body, installing reflexes that are honed to perfection and that consider the tactical use of multiple edged weapons in high stress environments. Through the use of Transition Drills, Vital Template, Multi-Man drills, Training Modifiers and target-specific tapping against intelligent, skilled and resisting opponents.

Sayoc Kali stresses the need for two-man forms. It is only through physical contact that one can learn how the body will move and react. These are introduced almost immediately in one’s training.

Every category in the Sayoc system has two-man drills. Many of the drills and training methods of Sayoc Kali involve partner training.

Sayoc Kali has practitioners within its organization from systems such as Atienza Kali, Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Bahalana escrima, Inosanto/Lacosta kali, JKD, Ninjutsu, Boxing, and various grappling systems which help the Sayoc organization continue to grow and evolve.

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