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To any prospective student,

My name is Chris A. and I am a correctional officer in N. Carolina. Back in July, I purchased Guru Seiwert’s 8 level Kali dvd instructional series.

In August, I had the unique pleasure of training with Guru Seiwert personally. I trained with him for 8 hours at his dojo each day over the weekend. I drove for 10 hours to train at his dojo and I plan on going back for two days in either October or November to both test and train again.

I cannot recommend him highly enough! His skills are unparalleled and his ability to explain, relay and demonstrate techniques to his student is incredible. His level of patience, kindness and humility is also unparalleled. I learned more from Guru Seiwert than I would have ever thought possible.

One other thing that Guru Seiwert does, is he films your training, edits it and sends you the entire training to use as a reference tool, which is basically unheard of with other instructors. I’ve never seen anyone that loved the arts as much as him, and it shows. I am honored to be able to call him both my teacher, and a friend as well.

Plus, towards the end of the day, I got a severe cramp in my right thigh which basically rendered me immobile. Well, Guru Seiwert had the solution to that problem. He got some Thai linament out of his gym bag that he purchased while training in Thailand and I applied that. Within 1 minute, my severe leg cramp was gone. This was the worst cramp I had ever experienced. My leg was swollen and totally immobile and the pain was outrageous. There was no “walking this one out.” I felt that I would have torn my quad if I had tried to straighten it or walk. That’s how bad it was.  Oh, I also highly recommend the Thai linament as well that I put on my leg. He sells that out of his dojo. That stuff is a miracle worker!

The quality of the dvds is superb and the quality of Guru Seiwert’s instruction is even better. Don’t hesitate to purchase his dvds or to train with him personally.   If anyone has any questions, Guru Seiwert has my permission to forward any emails to me and I will answer any questions that you may have in regards to my highly positive experience with him.

Chris A. North Carolina

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