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The Warrior's Odyssey: A Personal Vision for Your Martial Arts Training Journal
The purpose of your training journal is for self-discovery, discipline and spiritual growth. This journal is not merely a documentation of techniques it is a journey of self-mastery and your evolution as a martial artist.

Martial arts is a journey, and this journal is your way of looking back on where you've been and how you've progressed. It's a tool to help you remember what you've learned, the difficulties in getting there and how you've improved.

Express your intention to use the journal as a tool for self-reflection, allowing you to track your progress, the challenges along the way and personal growth. This journal is set up to
benefit ALL martial artists no matter what style you train.
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Awaken Your Inner Warrior:
Charting Your Course to Personal Mastery

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You'll notice that this journal is a little different than most. It's not just a bunch of blank pages for you to fill in.The first section of the book takes a look at your Goals, Training Schedules, Techniques, Drills, Injuries, Nutrition and Gains & Improvements. You will also find Inspirational Quotes to keep you motivated on every other journal page throughout the book.
213 pages

United Kingdom

United States

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