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Add the Filipino Martial Arts to the system that you are currently teaching or finally fulfill your Passion of learning and teaching Martial Arts. We give you the tools that you need for success with the DFA Kali mentoring Program.

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Awaken Your Inner Warrior

The purpose of your training journal is for self-discovery, discipline and spiritual growth. This journal is not merely a documentation of techniques it is a journey of self-mastery and your evolution as a martial artist.

Martial arts is a life long pursuit, and this journal is your way of looking back on where you've been and how you've progressed. It's a tool to help you remember what you've learned, the difficulties in getting there and how you've improved.

This journal is set up to benefit ALL martial artists no matter what style you train.
213 pages - only $9.99

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Personal Training Journal
About us

Born out of Passion

At Dynamic Fighting Arts we've been teaching and producing students and instructors for over 35 years.

Not everyone lives in a big city and has access to martial arts training or competent instructors. Our goal was to fix that problem.

About 25 years ago we saw a need for good instructional video courses and started producing VHS tapes. Then we moved into DVD's, Streaming Videos and finally Online Training.

Our courses will give you:

  • The self-esteem to believe “that you can do what you put your mind to.”

  • Self-assurance and personal confidence.

  • The ability and know-how to set and achieve powerful goals.

  • Improved physical fitness, flexibility and mental focus.

  • The ability to be more responsible for your actions and not always blame others for your mistakes.

  • And we have an online community of like-minded martial arts enthusiasts that you can connect with.

Martial arts is not a sport…..it is a life skill. What we teach spills over into all aspects of a person’s life.

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David Seiwert has been involved in the martial arts as both a student and instructor for the past 55 years. He began training as a teenager and has studied various styles of Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Filipino arts.

In 2005 Guro Seiwert decided to 'go to the source' and began traveling to Thailand (Muay Thai, Muay Boron) and the Philippines to train with the Masters and focus more on the Filipino martial arts of Kali, Escrima, Arnis & Kuntaw

In addition to his teaching schedule he gives seminars and has also produced numerous Books and Instructional video courses on the subject.

Be all that you can be

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Jaime R.

“Guro David is a wealth of knowledge. I'm part of his distance learning group and when I visited the school he made me feel right at home and a part of the DFA family.
I want to thank him and his students for a great 3 days of solid training. I can hardly wait to go back for more bruises."

“I've been taking the online course from Dynamic Fighting Arts for the past few months. The lessons are well-produced and easy to follow.
Highly recommended!“

Mike H.